Registred office: 602 00 Brno, Veveří 456/9 | tel.: +420 541 128 200 | fax +420 541 128 207

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AUDIT CONSULT Brno, s.r.o. auditor licence KA ČR (Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic) No. 107

We provide services to our clients in the area of audit, taxes, accounting, economic consultancy and wages on professional level.
We also provide our clients with additional services according to their individual requirements such as multilingual versions of auditor reports, processing of financial and economic analyses even for third persons (e.g. for banks or leasing companies), consultations in preparation of financial statement including the annex and annual report, etc.


We offer verification of financial statements, verification of annual reports and reports on relationships among related person, special-purpose audit, verification of grant drawing, due diligence.
We offer external keeping and reconstruction of double-entry accounting and tax records using our own software. Processing of all statistic reports is a part of book-keeping as well.
We provide comprehensive services in keeping and processing of salary administration for companies and keeping of pertaining personnel records. Processing results in summaries according to the customer’s requirements.
We process tax revenues and provide consultancy in the area of taxes such as value-added tax, road tax, real estate tax and real estate transfer tax.
We provide consultancy in accounting, taxes, wages and human resources for all types of entities.